Linux Hosting Services Company in Bangalore, India


Linux hosting

The deciding factor of hosting a server always is a complex task. There are two major hosting servers Windows and Linux. Each one has its uniqueness and specific advantages. But, most of the designers choose Linux over Windows. Why they prefer Linus over Windows is affordable and secure. Whether you are in India or any other country, hosting a server with Linux is the same. Developers think in the same pattern to choose the best based on requirements.

Windows server hosting offers great value-added features like framework hosting and MySQL on windows based infrastructure and others to offer the ability to run PHP and Apache on a familiar Windows platform. It is designed for the dedicated Web server and hosting, Win Server 2003 Web Edition, delivers a single-purpose solution for Internet service providers, application developers, and others who use or deploy specific Web functionality to make it easier to build and host Web applications, Web pages, and XML Web services.

Windows hosting packages includes either Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or 2008 operating systems. These systems are based on Microsoft NT therefore these operating systems provide reliable end-to-end service management. Apart from that, windows server also combines a web development environment where .Net Framework and other Microsoft technologies can be deployed to create dynamic web pages and applications. This Windows design has made it to be an efficient tool for integrating various business operations over the web.

The benefit of having Windows hosting is that it is compatible with all of the Microsoft products. In addition to that, many developers out there have developed software and programs that are compatible with the Windows platform. Besides that, this platform also works well with open source technologies such as PHP, Perl, and MySQL.

Features of Linux hosting


Compared to Windows, Linux hosting server is the compatibility it creates with other software applications and operating systems. Let’s say that if you develop a website with windows and host it on Linux, you don’t find any difficulty in doing so. The feasibility it gives is simple. A few web designing companies in India suggest Windows servers but a majority of web development companies in Bangalore advise Linux servers.


When it comes to technology, affordability matter always. Linux is an open-source software operating system, so everybody uses it as it is free. Besides entrepreneurs, individuals also like to own a website and often prefer a Linux server as it won’t need any licensing fees to make your website live. A wide range of applications run on Linux like WordPress, Joomla, and many open-source tools to develop a website with a shoestring budget. There are hundreds of web development companies in Bangalore, India prefers Linux hosting.

Consistency In Performance

If you cannot find consistency in performing hosting, your time and money go in vain. Your investment in a Linux server will have more advantages; there is no instability and half-baked performance. In addition to that Linux can handle a large volume of applications, and cater complete sense of alleviation. We know that scripting languages added to enhance website accessibility and increase speed like Perl Script, PHP, and MySQL. If you approach any web development company in Bangalore, they reveal the benefits of Linux hosting.


Adaptability and flexibility are the major advantages of using Linux hosting. Not only start-up companies but also big companies admire its operational feasibility. Whether it is eCommerce or a simple blog, you can easily manage it with a Linux server. Ever since the internet has become commercialization, there is an enormous argument over the internet which operating system is apt for web hosting services. The unprecedented number of web hosting companies offer Linux hosting solutions, and you might know a few names like Debian, Slack ware, and Red Hat.


Three things that you experience with Linux hosting servers are; reliability, security, and functionality. It is one among all that you can get for cost-effective services to web hosting that is available in the market today. If you still don’t like to give the positive nod, there are more reasons why Linux hosting is the best choice over Windows. Not every website owner shell out money simply as they demand a hosting server. They always look for affordable and cost-effective hosting solutions to get things done. With the Linux hosting, one can get more benefits such as multiple domain facilities such as eCommerce tools, MySQL database, and more email options for a minimum price.

Server Access

If you are running Windows XP or 2000 or using Apple Macintosh, you can take Linux server hosting as a platform. Linux provides SSH access. It allows open windows on the webserver and handles files using Unix commands. Every time, there is an unnecessary discussion over the best server between these two. But, professionals say that the differences between these two operating systems are not much to talk about and discuss. You have to choose based on the plan that has options you look for rather than thinking of what is supposed to be the best server option to use. Linus server hosting is suggested by all. Linux has its own advantages that can elevate your website and features with its flexible options. As you read above-mentioned reasons, you can choose the best hosting server.