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Sunsys Technologies, the Bangalore-based company founded by Mr. Manjunatha Narasimhaiah, has emerged as a leading player in the web services and solutions industry. Since its inception in May 2006, our company has prioritized quality and affordability, earning us a stellar reputation. Initially operating as a web services company, Sunsys Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd. officially registered its name in May 2009.

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With a team of skilled professionals, we offer a comprehensive range of web solutions, including web design, website development, web hosting (on both Windows and Linux platforms), website maintenance, and domain name registration. What makes us stand apart is our unwavering dedication to fueling business growth through tailor-made websites that drive success.

We have gained recognition for our exceptional web services, serving over 800 clients worldwide for 17 years. With a dedicated team of professionals, the company delivers best-in-class websites comparable to those of industry giants.

Sunsys Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd. has firmly established itself as a go-to provider of dynamic web solutions, delivering impressive results for clients across various sectors. Catering to clients in Canada, America, Dubai, and Israel, we take pride in our global outreach. We are actively expanding our presence in Nigeria.


At Sunsys Technologies, our vision goes beyond customer satisfaction. We strive to exceed expectations by delivering professional services that inspire trust on a global scale. Through building enduring client relationships, we consistently achieve exceptional results, ensuring utmost satisfaction in every interaction.


At Sunsys Technologies, our commitment is crystal clear: we diligently grasp our client’s needs, provide highly effective solutions, and celebrate their success. By deeply understanding their requirements, we tailor our services to exceed expectations. Together, we achieve remarkable milestones and share in the joy of accomplishment.