Website Landing Page Design Services

website landing page design services

What is a Website landing page?

Website Landing pages are the webpages on your website that a prospect can click and be directed to another page with more information about the product. If you’re selling a product, Website landing pages are usually the point of contact for customers. Not only can they get more information about the product, but it also gives them a chance to share their email address to receive more specific offers from your company.

Website Landing pages are designed to maximize the number of potential customers who will purchase a product or service. The goal is to convince visitors to take an action, usually by filling out a form. There is no set format for setting up a landing page. You could use a banner, a picture of the product, or even just an introductory paragraph to catch their attention. It is often the first thing visitors see on the site and it is the key to getting visitors to make the desired conversion. We at sunsys provide website landing page design services in BangaLore from experienced team which can help to acquire more leads.

Benefits of Website Landing Page

Support your Business Goal

The major benefit of having a landing page for your business is it provides you with immense support for your business goal. It helps you reach your targeted market, acquire new customers, promote new products and services, and close more sales for your business. It helps you cater to a specific type of audience and also enables you to measure the success of your objective.

Make First Impression Good

The landing page of your business serves as your front door and it welcomes your targeted customers. So, it has a major role in making your first impression good and lasting. If you develop an awesome and useful landing page, it also brings value to your customers and provides content or various links to your website. It improves the chance of those visitors using your website repeatedly.

Personalize your Brand

Nothing could be better than your landing page to market your products and services. If you want to launch your new product in the market, you can create a landing page for it for its promotion. Creating a landing page for product promotion is not an effective way of marketing products and services but also an affordable way to achieve your promotional goal.

Boost Lead & Conversion

A wonderful and useful landing page contains all information related to products and services that buyers need to make the final decision to purchase. It also contains a bold call to action that encourages buyers to take prompt action to buy their favorite products and services. As a result, you will witness increased leads and also conversion rates of your website.

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Direct Point of Contact

A well-designed and customized landing page design is clear and also fully concise and offers great value to your brand. It engages visitors by providing them with all information that they want to gather related to your products and services. Your landing page serves as a great platform for communicating your crucial brand messages to customers and also provides them with the most effective way.

Improve Brand Credibility

A landing page is not only effective in increasing your conversion rate and making your business profitable but also works well in increasing the credibility of your brand. A landing page designer in India also creates it to display the logo of your brand, reviews of your past clients, etc. These are something that works better when it comes to improving your brand credibility, which also makes a good impact on the sales of your business.

Increase Brand Awareness

The landing page of your business has the vast potential to increase brand awareness. It enables your potential customers to visualize your website as it displays your brand logo which easily grabs the attention of visitors. So, if your customers visualize your brand logo again and again while visiting your landing page, it helps them easily memorize your brand, which makes a good impact on brand awareness.

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Different Types of Website Landing Page Design

Long-Form Landing Page

Also popular as sales letters, long-form landing pages also work as an infomercial for the digital marketing sector. The main reason why landing page developers in Bangalore create a long-form landing page is it describes every important part of deals and various offers to those visitors. The longer you spend on your landing page, the higher the conversion rate you could expect.

Splash Landing Page

A splash landing page is another form of landing page that includes a background image, a little copy, and also various messages that you wish to convey. When it comes to splash pages, these indeed often precede a website page that one can use at even any stage of the marketing funnel. You can hire landing page developers to create a landing page for the announcement of getting visitors for choosing how they wish to view your site.

Squeeze Landing Page

Another crucial form of the landing page, the squeeze landing page is popularly known as a lead capture page. The main objective of this page is to squeeze various important details of your visitors. This information can be personal details of visitors be it contact numbers, emails, names, or others. You can use these details to provide lucrative deals and offers to your customers.

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Click-Through Landing Page

A Click-through landing page is one of the types of landing pages that warm up several leads to make it more sales-oriented. A landing page designer crafts this page that includes crucial details about various deals and offers and also focuses on several advantages and general details of various products and services. The Click-through landing page is designed with no navigation.

Lead Capture Landing Page

Lead capturing landing page is one of the types of landing page that is used nowadays to a greater extent throughout the marketing funnel. These types of landing pages are long compared to those of sales pages. This type of landing page is popular in use among marketers and helps them in achieving their ultimate goal.

Thank You Landing Page

It’s another type of landing page that landing page designers in Bangalore create to help you nurture leads. This is one of the crucial pages where visitors often get redirected once they have completed the form-filling process by entering the required details. Thank you page gives you a wonderful opportunity to either move a lead down the funnel or also set up for a repeating customer.

Frequently Asked Question

A landing page is completely different from a home page. It is designed to launch a particular campaign to promote products and services. With a strong call to action and dedicated information regarding specific products and services, a landing page serves its ultimate purpose of conversion. A home page, on the other hand, is the front face of a website. It includes various crucial details that aim to introduce your organization.

To host your landing page, you need to have a domain and also a website hosting account. Well, you can host a landing page on the same domain as your company’s website. A domain name is something that serves as a location for your website or landing page.

The landing page cost depends on features required as per client needs and depending on the type of landing page you want to create. To know more details about the cost of creating a landing page for your business, you need to get in touch with our team.