What Is Website Maintenance And Why It is Important?

What is Website Maintenance


Even if you have developed a business-friendly website still your website will fail to deliver the best performance. As a result, your business will suffer a lot. It happens generally with time, especially with the change in customer behavior and also the launch of various new trends.

So, all you need to do is to keep your website up to date with the latest trends and maintain consistency in its performance. You should go for website maintenance services that will keep your website updated with improved engagement, conversion rate, and ROI..

What is website maintenance?

As the name suggests, website maintenance is an important practice to analyze the overall condition of your website. The process involves thorough monitoring of your website to know the issues that cause its deteriorated performance.

As mentioned above, website maintenance includes various techniques to keep your website versed and updated to make it relevant to changing market trends, the emergence of new technologies, etc. It not only helps your website catch the attention of new visitors but is also crucial to retain even those of existing visitors as well

Importance of Website Maintenance

Well, going through the following stats will let you know the importance of website maintenance and also why you need to opt for an agency that possesses vast experience in this. Take a look.

  • 87% of overall websites face a higher risk of cyber security risk. These websites are the prime target of hackers.
  • 77% of websites fail to load within 1 to 2 seconds. It prevents them from getting higher user engagement.
  • 68% of websites fail to have a proper data recovery plan.
  • 73% of websites use outdated software that could be a bigger security threat.
  • According to 93% of people, online reviews play a vital role in decision-making for website users.

Advantages of Website Maintenance

We will figure out some of the significant advantages of opting for maintenance services. Go through them one by one to grasp them in-depth.

Update Content

Your website needs to have fresh and informative content to keep users engaged. It is necessary to encourage your website visitors to come back. Updating content on your website regularly makes it more appealing and also helps it appear in search results.

The ongoing website maintenance updates content on your website. They regularly analyze the content of every page and replace the old content with the new one.

Get Working Backup

Once you have a fixed schedule for period website maintenance, it helps you get a fully reliable backup. In case, your website gets crashes or some other related issues take place, you can use this working backup to deal with the situation. With working backup, you will find it quite easy to recover.

Improve Security

Your website is incomplete without high-grade security features. So, this is another factor why you need to have ongoing maintenance support for your website. Your website maintenance service provider implements the latest security features to make your website fully secure. And they prevent your website from various potential security threats be it malicious software or hackers. With ongoing support, you can prevent your website from various security patches and thus make it secure for your potential customers to visit.

Boost User Experience

User experience is another reason why website maintenance is crucial. It plays a crucial role in ensuring the success of your website. Many studies already proved the fact that visitors who access those websites that have a slow loading speed don’t spend too much time on them. A periodic maintenance service provider optimizes images, videos, etc, of your website to improve its loading speed.

Boost Website Traffic

Increasing website traffic is the ultimate aim of every business owner to discover more potential customers, and increase sales, and revenue. Website maintenance helps you a lot in this. A service provider does various activities including content improvement to boost the search engine ranking of your website. And it delivers a wonderful outcome by enhancing its search engine ranking.

Cost of Website Maintenance

Well, after going through the above benefits of website maintenance services, you might be keen to hire a professional website maintenance service company. If yes, then cost would be the first thing that you might be thinking about, right?You should know that the cost of website maintenance is not fixed for every website. It varies based on the type, size, etc. of your website. However, an average website maintenance cost ranges from $500/month to $6000/year.We will analyze here the cost of website maintenance based on the type of website.

Type of Website

  • For Basic Website
  • Professional Blog
  • Small Business
  • Large Business
  • eCommerce Website


  • $5 to $30/month
  • $30 to $70/month
  • $50 to $200/month
  • $200 to $5000/month
  • $2000 to $6000/month

What does a Website Maintenance Plan Include?

Take a look at some vital website maintenance plan that every service provider considers for making your website high-performing and result-driven.

Advantages of Website Maintenance

Finding Broken Pages

It’s one of the most crucial aspects of website maintenance. One needs to spend enough time finding broken links for websites. It not only makes it tough to navigate your website but also makes an adverse impact on the online visibility of your site and thus sales. So, check the broken link at least once a month.

Find Out Broken Images

Broken images, another important website maintenance checklist, are other things that you should look for to keep your website up to date. A website with distorted images always looks outdated and thus poorly maintained. Besides, it can spoil the conversion rate of your website as well.You can check broken images manually, especially if you have a large website, and replace the same with quality images.

Check for Broken Links

No matter how much effort you put to do search engine optimization of your website, you can’t improve its rank with broken links. You can use a third-party crawler that will help you find all those broken links that your website contains.

Do Regular Update

Make sure all software that your website is integrated with is updated properly. Well, you will come across various software that gets updated automatically or helps you know when the update is available. All you need to do is check their update manually on a monthly basis

Final words

\Website maintenance is essential to keep the consistency of the best performance of your website maintained for a long time. Besides, it also makes your website engaging. So, find website maintenance experts that deliver mind-blowing services.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Well, website maintenance includes various practices to keep the website updated with the latest trends, changing user behavior, technological advancement, etc.

In India, the website maintenance cost generally starts from Rs. 7000 (for a basic website) and can go up depending on the type of website that you have.

India is home to many top-rated website maintenance companies – Sunsys Technologies and Techlifters are one of those that render world-class website maintenance services.

Well, website maintenance is crucial for various reasons, including improving security, search engine ranking, content updates, and more.

Our website maintenance services don’t include coding, content writing, and SEO services.