The Website Maintenance Checklist – Complete Guide



When it comes to website maintenance, it is something that you can’t ignore if you have a website. It is necessary to maintain the higher performance of your website, which is necessary to increase sales, conversion, and ROI. 

Whether you have developed a new website or have an existing website, you simply can’t ignore the importance of website maintenance.No matter which industry your business belongs to, opting for website maintenance services is necessary to keep your business growing. 

Whether you are from healthcare, hospitalization, Information technology, or education, a website maintenance company keeps your website updated with the latest innovation and improves its performance to a wider extent.A website maintenance service provider is fully responsible for analyzing your website, figuring out issues, and then making the right strategy to resolve this. They understand the importance of keeping your website updated and making it high performing.

Before we discuss the complete website maintenance checklist or keeping your website healthy and secure, it’s important to discuss various important things.Take a look at stats that make website maintenance services necessary for your website.

  • 77% of websites load more than 10s
  • 1 s delays can minimize your conversion rate by up to 20%
  • 53% of visitors will not stay on your website if it takes more than 3s.

Why is Website Maintenance Crucial?

You need to understand that owning a website is something that like having a vehicle that needs a maintenance service. Website maintenance should be important task in your work list because , The size of your business is the best thing to determine what type of website maintenance service you need, be it daily, weekly, or monthly maintenance services.

In absence of good website maintenance services, your website will lose performance day by day. As a result, your business will be behind your competitors. Of course, having a well-structured website helps your business get the added advantage. 

But, it’s also true that having just a website is certainly not enough. Routine maintenance of your website gives it the capability of running smoothly while delivering a wonderful performance. Take a look at some of the vital reasons why your business website needs maintenance and support services.

Advantages of Website Maintenance Checklist

It Boosts Security

Security is one of the crucial factors that are vital for the success of your website and thus for your business. If your website is developed on WordPress or Drupal, you still need to boost the security of your website.

A fully secure website gives you a kind of guarantee that it’s free from any security threat and can’t be hacked. On the other hand, a website with a poor security system encourages hackers to perform illegal practices to steal your valuable data.

Get SEO Advantages

Today, everyone wants to rank their website in search engines. But, it’s certainly not possible for everyone to make their website stay on top of search results and grab users’ attention.

Meanwhile, the most crucial thing about website maintenance and support companies is that they help your website rank in search engines. Website maintenance experts help your rank in search engines with impeccable strategy.

Get Scheduled Backup

Scheduled backup is highly important for any website. It helps you deal with any situation easily. For instance, if your website gets hacked, you can use your backup to retrieve it and ensure it functions properly. Though you have a standard backup solution, you will still face a risk in terms of your server being hacked. There’s indeed a higher possibility that your website will be hacked by unwanted users.

Boost Brand Reputation

Brand reputation is one of those factors that determine the success of your business. In case, your website malfunctions or is slow, how does it impact your customers? It indeed makes an adverse impact on the reputation of your website. As a result, it impacts the overall results of your business.

You need to understand that even if your website is down for 1 second, it costs your business heavily. And your business may experience a heavy financial loss. A website maintenance service provider is responsible for monitoring your website 24/7 by ensuring higher uptime, performance, security, etc.

Types of Website Maintenance Checklists and Services

Here, we are going to outline some of the website maintenance checklist that you can expect from a professional. It also gives you an idea in terms of how to maintain a website. let us go through the website Maintenance guide.

Weekly Website Maintenance Checklist

Here, we are going to outline some of the website maintenance checklist that you can expect from a professional. It also gives you an idea in terms of how to maintain a website. let us go through the website Maintenance guide.

Analyze your Website Metrics

Your website records a large amount of data, which includes tracking the way visitors behave. Besides, it also gives you complete details that include the best traffic sources, and also the content that boosts conversion. Professionals analyze your metrics to identify the issues and resolve them immediately.

Update Plugins and Themes

As per research, outdated plugins or themes are the major reason for the growing case of hacking of WordPress websites. So, it’s necessary to update plugins and themes from time to time to keep your website updated and make your website fully protected from hackers. Updating your website with new plugins helps you add various new security features.

Moderate Comments

It is one of the website maintenance tasks that professionals often do. The comment section serves its ultimate purpose to encourage visitors to read and engage with your website and content. Meanwhile, the comment section also has a certain dark side. Apart from this, the comment section also has various disadvantages.

You need to keep in mind that attackers often try to publish malicious content through spam content. If you make these comments live on your website, it makes a bad impression. It tends to be a discouraging factor for users to visit your website.

Malware Scanning

If we talk about some of the secured website development platforms, WordPress comes first. WordPress has a great reputation for being fully secured. But, it’s also true that no software is 100% perfect. So, if you wish to keep your website high performing, it’s necessary for checking malware.

Backup your Website

It’s necessary to create a regular backup of your website. Failing to do so may prevent you from restoring your recent works. It’s possible to create backups manually. Apart from your website maintenance company, you can also expect this from some hosting providers.

Monthly Website Maintenance Checklist

Update Content

You need to publish new content on your website regularly to keep it updated. It’s the most trusted method that ensures the conversion of your targeted visitors into repeat customers. A regular update of content on your website portrays you as a reliable brand and thus puts your experts on your horizon.

Conduct Website Speed Testing

The loading speed of your website matters a lot and thus has a great impact on the success of your website. As per research, overall 40% of visitors avoid visiting your website if they find a slow loading speed. Apart from this, a slow loading speed of your website also tends to make your SEO effort futile.

Enhance your Website’s SEO

Search engine optimization is another maintenance task for your website that you certainly can’t ignore at any cost. You may already have identified keyword popularity for your website. But, you should also be aware of the fact that keyword popularity tends to change over time.

Quarterly Website Maintenance Checklist

Identify and Remove Broken Links

Broken links make an adverse impact on the search engine ranking of your website. And it’s also the fact that there are numerous reasons for broken links – deleting a page is one of those. Broken links also have a disastrous impact on the user experience of your website.

A professional website maintenance company leverages tools like Semrush and others to scan broken links and fix them immediately.

Change Password

Your website should have a strong password to prevent anyone from easily unlocking it. One needs to implement the right practices that include two-factor authentication while creating a password. Even after the implementation of the latest practices for password changes, you need to change passwords quarterly to prevent your website from unauthorized access.

Inspect Social Media Link

Many businesses nowadays leverage the power of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others to make their presence among their targeted customers. It helps them improve their brand recognition, leads, and conversion rate.

So, if you target social media platforms, then your website must have the related buttons for content sharing. These links sometimes don’t work especially with any technological update by the social media platforms.

So, a website maintenance company analyzes the social media links of your website to ensure it works properly.

Check Forms

It’s another crucial task that quarterly website maintenance includes. It’s vital to check whether forms work properly or not otherwise it will hurt the conversion rate of your website.

Database Optimization

By optimizing the database properly, you will be able to minimize the load of your server. Besides, it also improves the page loading times of your website. DreamHost and phpMyAdmin are the right tools to optimize databases.

Analyze Checkout Process

For an eCommerce website, the checkout process is something that is its core functionality since it helps businesses accept payment. If any issue persists with the checkout process of your website, it tends to create the worst scenario for your business.

Thanks to website maintenance services that also include analyzing the checkout process to ensure it functions smoothly.

Remove Unnecessary Themes and Plugins

It’s vital to check all themes and plugins that your website uses. You need to identify those plugins and themes that you no longer require. Once you discover, you need to delete those to ensure the smooth function of your website.

Annual Website Maintenance Checklist

Analyze Domain and Hosting Renewals

You need to be aware of the domain renewal schedule of your website. Failing to do so may lead you to pay a heavy cost for the same. A professional website maintenance service provider helps you in this.

Analyze the ‘About’ Page

Your website needs to have an eye-catching page as it convinces your customers about what you are doing, your offerings, and also much other essential information related to your business. An annual website maintenance plan includes it. Professionals review your page and ensure it works properly.

Fix Schedule for User Testing

User testing is something that determines whether your website delivers a great UX. It defines the way users interact with your website. A professional company offers annual usability testing to ensure whether your website delivers a wonderful user experience or not.

Update Legal Policies, Footer, Heading

When it comes to header and footer, these are important elements of your website. These have a pivotal role when it comes to putting your website page at your users’ fingertips. You can get the help of website maintenance experts to remove those links that are no longer required. You will find your website contains content that deserves to be on top.

Content Audit

A content audit is another vital part that your annual website maintenance plan includes. You need to publish relevantly and also quite engaging content that ensures your website is fully active. And it also portrays you as an expert in this field. This content plays a crucial role in increasing search engine rankings.

To get the best result, you need to perform an annual content audit. A professional website maintenance service provider evaluates whether the content that your website includes performs well or not. It helps you identify topics and formats that tempt the most significant traffic and propel your conversion rate.

Final Words

Do you think your website works properly and delivers performance as per your expectations? If not, then opting for website maintenance and support services can be the right option for you. Above are some of the advantages that you can avail of after hiring the best professional. Hope this Website maintenance guide help you to analyze your website updates.

FAQ'S On Website Maintenance Checklist

Website maintenance checklist is important for various reasons such as content updates, getting working backup, improving user experience, enhancing website traffic, and improving website security.

The website maintenance checklist includes numerous factors such as updating website content, improving content readability, fixing broken links, adding new features, and more.