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15 Effective Ways to Increase Ecommerce Sales

Increasing sales is something that is a primary aim of every business – eCommerce is not an exception. Once you create an attention-seeking eCommerce store, you may now be looking for the right strategies to increase ecommerce sales and grow your business.

Well, most eCommerce business owners chalk out the best strategies when it comes to increasing sales for their products. Unfortunately, not all of them become successful in increasing sales of their products.

Meanwhile, it’s also a fact that increasing sales is indeed not a difficult task. All you need to do is to make the right effort in the right direction. Here, in this blog, we will discuss some of the best strategies that you can implement to increase the sales of your products and thus revenue. Take a look.

Top 15 Ways to Increase Ecommerce Sales

1) Create an Email List

The first thing that you need to do is to create a list of emails that help you reach your potential customers and increase sales of your products. Most eCommerce business owners often underestimate the potential of increasing sales and they often avoid leveraging the same.

When you create a strong email list, it helps you target and also retarget customers with a good conversion rate. Email marketing has more potential to increase click-through rates and also customer acquisition potential of emails when compared to social media platforms.

If you are looking to increase eCommerce sales, you can easily personalize your email with named greetings and also for creating audience-segmented email lists for increasing eCommerce sales if you wonder in terms of the way to boost eCommerce sales.

It’s advisable to exclude your existing subscribers from your old email list. It’s good to go for retargeting for offering new information. You may also wish to consider getting an appropriate email hosting for your startup.

2) Set Targeted Price

The next thing that you can do is to set a targeted price for the products that you offer. You need to be aware of your competitors that adjust prices constantly and also launch various promotional campaigns based on evolving market conditions. So, your business will be left behind without a targeted, specialized, and dynamic pricing model.

One way you can do the same is by optimizing cost with the help of IP geolocation. With the use of IP geolocation, you can easily observe your traffic and also offer a fully specialized pricing model based on the data you have.

It’s good to use IP data for setting up various geo-targeted matches for increasing those eCommerce sales. For instance, if you have a customer from South Asia who may prefer various cricket-related products.

Meanwhile, others from Canada tend to take more interest in ice-hockey. This can make your customer happier with increased profit margin and it’s indeed a way for increasing eCommerce sales.

3) Create Promotional Campaigns on Social Platforms

Social presence is crucial for your business. Make sure your business has strong footprints across different social media platforms for increasing sales and traffic to your online store. It also enables you to engage your target audience, tap into those influencer networks, and also for creating brand awareness.

Every social media platform is popular for having its specific users, weakness, and strength. So, before you decide to target social media platforms for your business, you need to first understand the habits of your customers on different social media platforms.

4) Multiple Payment Options

Since you sell products online, you need to keep in mind a single payment option can’t be appropriate for all shoppers. They use different options to pay for online shopping. When your customers put your products in the cart and they don’t find their preferred mode of payment at checkout, they often abandon the same.

Therefore, you need to ensure that your online store includes multiple payment options to cater to the needs of many people. Make sure you put a flexible payment method with an easy process to lure maximum customers to buy your products. You need to make sure that you have a fully secure payment system for your online store.

5) Add Reviews

Nowadays, people buy many reviews before buying any products. It gives them confidence and also a kind of assurance that they are buying the right products. So, you need to put reviews of your products as much as possible on your eCommerce and social sites.

You can use various affordable eCommerce review gathering applications that include Reevoo and Yotpo for integrating feedback and customer ratings into your eCommerce store. It’s good to request your customers to leave their reviews on your website about the products that they used.

6) Make the Best Seller List

It’s a good idea to create a list of some of the best-selling products. It makes your customer too excited and they will find some trending products. Everyone seeks to get their hands on stuff everyone else rushes to get the same.

Many eCommerce platforms include the bestseller metric that is included in reports. These offer details to those of bestsellers by sales, SKU, vendor, and also various other necessary metrics. You can also use the same for creating the category of the Best Sellers or also label individual products as the best sellers on their product page.

7) Availability of Helpful TuMinimize Card Abandonment Ratetorials

The next thing that you can do to increase the eCommerce sale is to reduce the cart abandonment rate. You need to understand the problems that customers face when it comes to completing a purchase and can also increase your conversion rate.

Most customers also opt to abandon the cart due to a lack of transparency. If customers are not capable of visualizing taxes, fees, and also various other additional costs displayed, they can indeed rethink their entire shopping.

You should also include all prices on the order preview page mainly for ensuring transparency. Some visual elements like progress indicators also work great for reinforcing transparency.

8) Enhance the Mobile Browsing Experience

Those mobile phone users account for higher online traffic. It indicates that only those eCommerce websites that are mobile-friendly can attract more visitors. And it thus contributes to increasing while designing ecommerce websites make sure it is mobile friendly.Therefore, you need to make sure that your eCommerce store is mobile-friendly. It’s crucial to be focused more on visual elements rather than several text elements. It’s good to use various bullet points and also short copies where text is crucial. It’s also a great option to use video wherever possible.

9) Offer Free Stuff

You need to understand the fact that you should increase your business revenue by offering those several freebies. When it comes to free stuff, it’s helpful for long-term sales.

For instance, free products are indeed quite helpful for creating customer reliability. You don’t need to give away those of your free things. You can also provide some free trials for giving customers some time for getting the value of products before they commit. You can also provide free shipping and also delivery on the purchase of your products beyond a certain amount for increasing the average value.

10) Consistent Messaging

Consistent messaging is another thing that you can do for increasing sales of eCommerce. If you maintain consistency in terms of logos, layouts, sales content, color, and various other communication elements, your customers can easily recognize your business.

All you need to do is make certain strategies and also various tools for maintaining consistent messaging. Beginners can use various automated tools for integrating with their online store for creating various messaging templates. You can also make use of content management systems for sharing the content most efficiently with those of your brand identifiers across your eCommerce store.

11) Chatbot

A chatbot is doing wonderful and helps businesses in maintaining their customer support fully. And it’s directly related to sales of your products. It not just acts as a proper guide to customers but also ensures two-way communication and also creates a healthy relationship.

You can integrate a chatbot into your online store for answering customers’ queries in terms of products and also facilitate shopping. Apart from this, you can also provide ‘human names’ to those of eCommerce chatbots for increasing engagement rates.

12) Try Out Gmail Ads

Gmail Promotion and Paid Gmail Ads are fully interactive advertisements displayed at the top of a prospect’s inbox in a fully promotional or social tab. You can also design those functional Gmail advertisements for promoting your online retail business in various ways. These options are vast.

When it comes to prospects viewing Gmail Ads, these are the awareness and interest phases of the marketing funnel. Therefore, you should design and create your Gmail Ad copy like a landing page. You should make sure that you include a fully unique value proposition.

13) Go Through Checkout Process

The next thing that you need to do is increase eCommerce sales and review the checkout process from time to time. It helps you improve the user experience of your online store and thus, it brings a plethora of growth opportunities.

The more time customers spend putting personal information and payment details, the higher risk of cart abandonment rate they face.

So, you need to make the checkout process easy and quick to encourage customers to complete the buying process.

14) Upselling

Upselling is another way of increasing eCommerce sales. Assume a case, where your customer accesses the checkout page and decides to shop for a particular product. And they get a recommendation for more appropriate products in a similar category and type. They will be lured to these products.

Upselling works a lot when it comes to increasing revenue and also establishing a long-term relationship with customers. It’s effective since the majority of selling is to a customer base that you already know.

15) Get Paid Social Traffic

Last but not least, social traffic will help you increase traffic to your online store, and thus, it pushes up sales. When you run a paid campaign, only your existing followers can visualize the same.

Paid advertisement helps reach a new audience if you wish to boost eCommerce sales. When it comes to social media platforms, these offer various extensive options for targeting the right people with fully sponsored content.

You can target people based on their demographic, buying interest, gender, location, and more. These are the right factors that help you find your actual potential customers. You should always keep in mind that your paid campaigns don’t always have to be for your products.

Why most the Online Business don’t Get more Sales

Even if you sell useful and top-quality products, you often fail to increase sales. There can be numerous reasons for the same. Some of these reasons are

1) Unable to help Customers with Product Search

You need to understand the fact that customers do a lot of research work before they make a final decision of buying products. Meanwhile, the most common reason why online stores face a tough time, customers may wish to do some research before they may purchase. If you are not capable of assisting customers with product research like linking with those articles and blog posts on the product page.

2) Poor Checkout Experience

Customers nowadays hold a higher expectation towards a fully frictionless and also simple checkout experience. To match the expectation, many eCommerce businesses provide digital payment services that provide a higher level of security and simplicity.

Make sure your company offers various traditional payment options such as debit and credit cards.

3) Slow Page Loading Speed

Slow loading speed is something that makes an adverse impact on user experience. It thus affects eCommerce sales as well. Even if customers want to buy your products, they will drop the idea of buying your products due to the slow loading speed of your website.

4) Higher Abandonment Rate

A higher abandonment rate is another reason for low eCommerce sales. It’s a fact that abandoned carts are the biggest concern of various merchants and also online retailers. So, you need to focus on the card abandonment rate and try to minimize the same if you want to increase sales of your products.

5) Lack of Social Proof

Lack of social proof causes a decline in trust reliability, which adversely affects your business and its sales. Social proof also plays a vital role in increasing and also persuading customers to opt for your business and also place their final order. The lack of trust equals fewer sales and conversion.

Final Words

To make your business survive for a longer time while earning a huge profit, you should adopt various ways to increase eCommerce sales. Above are some of the strategies that you can implement to improve eCommerce sales.

FAQs on Ways to Increase eCommerce Sales

You can increase sales of your business in many ways such as focusing on your existing customers, getting details about competitors, harnessing value, creating a customer service approach, customer relations, promotion, and more. These are indeed the most effective ways to increase sales of your eCommerce business.

You can make your eCommerce website sales-oriented in many ways that include easy navigation, adding reviews, offering a free newsletter, increasing your customer base, making your website content fresh, promoting a business on social media, and many more

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