Top 10 WooCommerce Payment Gateways in India

If you are planning to develop an online store for your eCommerce business, you should be aware of various payment gateways. The reason is these payment gateways let sellers accept money online from customers for the products that they buy. Woocommerce Payment gateways in India have a crucial role in online transactions. So, you need to find the best payment gateways to integrate into your eCommerce website to run your business smoothly.

It’s a good idea to integrate multiple payment gateways into your eCommerce website to let your customers make online transactions smoothly. Since the eCommerce business is on the boom of late, it also pushed up the demand for payment gateway.

As per Statista, the payment gateway market in India was projected up to $446.9 million in 2017 and can grow up to 1708.1million dollars in the year 2025.

Well, the selection of payment gateways is certainly not the easiest task and one has to struggle a lot to choose the right one. If you also need to choose the right payment gateways for your online store, you are in the right place to gather the vital details.

We will make your task easy by letting you know some of the top WooCommerce payment gateways in India along with their features. It will help you understand the right options based on your needs.

What is WooCommerce Payment Gateway?

Well, when it comes to the Woocommerce payment gateway, it’s an application service that generally authorized debit or credit card payments for online retailers, businesses, brick and clicks, and also those many traditional brick and mortar.

It brings the possibility of the transfer of various details between the Front End Processor and the payment portal. A payment gateway service includes the ability to automate payment transactions between both sellers and buyers.

A payment gateway is a third-party service that is a system of computer processes, which works on the behalf of merchants through a highly secured internet connection.

With the help of Woocommerce payment gateway infrastructure, sellers accept debit, credit, and also several other forms of electronic payments.

What are the Benefits of Using WooCommerce Payment Gateways in India?

A smooth checkout process is something quite essential for your online store. Most of the time online users abandon shopping carts due to the complicated checkout process. WooCommerce payment gateways ensure a smooth checkout process by letting you avail yourself of numerous advantages.

Automated Taxes

The most important advantage of such a payment gateway is it supports automatic taxes and also geolocation. With the automatic tax, you can display the exact and accurate cost of all products that you sell along with taxes. It enables your customers to see the prices regardless of their location.

Facilitate All Types of Payment

Another advantage of this payment gateway is it enables sellers to accept and receive all types of payments including pay on delivery, bank transfer, check, etc. If you use any payment processor like Rapids, you can also use its WooCommerce Website payment gateway plugin.

More Customization for Checkout Process

It helps you customize the checkout process in a way to help you witness more sales of your products. Whether you wish to serve domestic or overseas customers, the WooCommerce payment gateway caters to your needs.

10 Best WooCommerce Payment Gateways in India (Updated list 2023)

Now, let’s discuss here some of the payment gateways that you can integrate into your website. Take a look.


While talking about some of the best WooCommerce payment gateways in India, it’s good to start with Razorpay, which is already popular among several merchants. With this, merchants can accept different types of payment from a range of sources be it credit cards, debit cards, net banking digital wallets, or UPI.

To integrate it into your online store, you need to just accomplish a couple of steps. Besides, it’s also popular for having a clean dashboard that ensures a smooth transaction.


• Easy to integrate

• 100+ payment modes

• Invoice payments

• API-driven automation

• 24/7 support

Prices: 2% for debit/credit, net banking, and UPI. And 3% on international cards, Amex Cards, EMI, etc.


CCAvenue is another popular payment gateway that you can use to integrate into your online store. It enables you to accept all forms of payments in India. This payment method can support 200+ options for payment and is also capable of processing different currencies.

As an iFrame integrated, CCAvenue allows your customers to make payments even on the checkout. Besides, it also includes smart dynamic checkouts. It also offers various features such as marketing tools, dynamic even notifications, smart analysis, etc.


• Recurring payment

• Mobile payment

• International transaction

• Fraud detection system

• 24/7 support

Price: 2% for domestic, 3% for international transactions, and 4% for Amex Diners Club/American Express.


When it comes to Instamojo, it’s absolutely a payment gateway in India that you can also consider using. It enables merchants to accept payment through credit or debit cards. Apart from this, it also accepts other types of payment as well such as wallets, net banking, IMPS, UPI transaction, EMI, NEFT, etc. This payment gateway gives customers an outstanding checkout experience.


• Recurring payment

• Easy process for onboarding

• Live chat facility

• 100+ payment modes

• Electronic invoice payment

Pricing: Free for RTGS/NEFT, 2% + Rs. 3 per transaction for debit and credit cards.


Apart from India, PayPal also lets you accept payments from across the world. In other words, it helps you globalize your business as well. With this payment gateway, you can get a kind of surety that you can get a fully safe, fast, and also easy transaction.

Besides, it also offers many other features like free return shipping, 180-day buyer protection, confidentiality, etc. It also supports multiple currencies and has advanced features like uploading cheques through a smartphone camera.


• Easy to integrate

• Quick Activation

• Dedicated support

• 100+ payment sources

• Industry-based success rates

Pricing: Free for UPI,1.80% + GST for Netbanking, 1.55% + GST for Paytm Wallet, 1.85% + GST for Credit Card, and 2.65% for international or AMEX.


Cashfree is known for having numerous features that ensure a seamless transaction. Similar to other WooCommerce payment gateway plugins, it provides complete support to different types of payment methods such as wallets, net banking, and others. It also supports bulk payments.

This payment gateway can support on-demand payouts, instant funds, and also recurring payments. It also offers bank account verification to let you get more details about customers. The major advantage of this payment gateway is it enables shoppers to transfer money even at the lowest transaction rate.


• Highly secured

• Fraud checking

• Set up is free

• Easy to configure

• Instant refund

Pricing: 1.75% for Credit/Debit card and net banking, 2.5 per transaction for cardless

and pay later, and 3.5% +7 INR for international cards.


PayUMoney is another one of the trusted and top-rated payment gateways in India. The majority of merchants use this plugin to accept payments. Some of the popular brands are Netflix, Bookmyshow, Airbnb, Cred, Redbus, and many others.

A customized transaction rate is something that distinguishes this payment gateway from others. But, this option is available only if your business has above Rs. 10 L transactions on a monthly basis.

It’s PCI-DSS compliant with 128-bit encryption. It’s also popular for offering the highest success rates in the transaction since it includes built-in save card options, which facilitate customers to go for the full checkout process.


• Support for 100+ foreign currency

• Dedicated account manager

• Invoice generation

• Process multiple currencies

• International payment

Pricing: 2% + GST for every transaction


If you are in search of a payment gateway in India with the lowest TDR, you can consider using none other than PayKun. This is the reason why it’s an appropriate option for freelancers, small business owners, and bloggers.

Its main objective is to let sellers avail themselves of affordable payment gateway options. Many brands use this solution for accepting money. Some of these brands are WinTrust, Tryitfirst, iCure Diet Clinic, and others. It ensures a safe payment gateway and also ties up with many popular banks such as Yes Bank, ICICI bank, Paytm, Bill desk, and many others.

PayKun also includes various payment links and buttons for quick transactions. Besides, it also offers free integration help and also a fully dedicated account manager, which is the other biggest advantage of using the same.


• Outstanding support

• 120+ payment modes

• Quick settlement

• Affordable cost

• Amazing check-out experience

Pricing: 1.75% for a debit card, 2% for a credit card, 1.75% for net banking, and 3% for an international card.


Stripe is another option for a payment gateway solution that businesses can use. Whether you sell your products domestically or globally, you can do with the use of this payment gateway. It also accepts multiple currencies from different countries.

Stripe is also the most preferred choice among merchants for having a great UI and UX compared to other payment gateways such as Razorpay and many others. It also offers various other products such as pre-built payment pages that are appropriate for all types of businesses as well.


• Mobile customer interface

• Digital wallet integration

• Mobile payment

• Multi-currency

• Credit card process

Pricing: 2% for domestic cards and 3% for international cards


It’s another payment gateway solution that enjoys having a great reputation across the world. If you need a secure, fast, and reliable payment gateway that enables you to accept payment globally, you can go for none other than PayGlocal.

It offers world-class security that can be a wonderful choice for your business. It facilitates accepting payment from customers across the world and also helps you expand your business gradually. It supports international currency settlement as well.


• Support for multiple currencies

• Maintain transparency

• Great protection from chargeback

• Transparent

• Local Payment method

Pricing: N/A


It’s one of the reliable payment gateways that you can use to experience a mind-blowing payment experience with customers. The credit goes to this payment system that enables customers to pay different bills such as ISP, electricity, phones, telephone, insurance, etc. Customers get a kind of surety of online transactions with SSL.


• Secure payment gateway

• Support for recurring payments

• Email reminders on daily basis for bill payment

• 24/7 support service

Pricing: N/A

Final Words

Choosing reliable payment gateways is something that not only helps customers make transactions smoothly but also improves their shopping experience. Above are some of the payment gateways that you can choose to integrate into your online store to make your online store successful.

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When it comes to the payment gateway, it’s a merchant service offered by those eCommerce website and app service providers that authorize direct payments or credit cards for online merchants, businesses, retailers, traditional brick and mortar companies.

Well, there are many Woocommerce payment gateways available for online retailers. Some of these gateways are CCAvenue, Instamojo, PayTM, PayUMoney, and others. You can choose the right one based on its features and your needs. Make sure you choose a reliable payment gateway that ensures a smooth transaction and makes your customers happier and more satisfied.