Top Web Design Companies in Mumbai

Web Design Companies in Mumbai

A website or an application is essential for business in today’s digital space. It helps businesses showcase their products and services most effectively. It helps businesses in the promotion of their products, gaining more potential clients, increasing product sales, and earning more revenue. No matter what type of business you operate, you need to develop a website for its growth.

Hiring a web development company is the first and the most crucial step of website development for your business. Mumbai is the commercial hub of India and is also home to many world-famous web development companies. We have presented here a list of some of the web design companies in Mumbai that deliver outstanding services and cater to clients from across the world. Take a look.

Best 10 Website Design Companies in Mumbai

Sunsys Technologies

Sunsys comes first when we talk about some of the best web development companies in Mumbai. Commenced its operation in May 2006, the company has become today a leading provider of web services and solutions. In May 2009, it became a fully registered company. It houses a dynamic team of young and enthusiastic professionals who focus on developing top-quality solutions for clients. It creates solutions that offer value for money.

The company is popular for offering a range of web solutions including web design, development, hosting, maintenance, domain registration, and more. You can hire them for the services that you need most.


• Web Designing

• Domain Registration

• Website Maintenance

• Web Hosting

• Website Development

• CMS Development

• Linux Hosting

• Database

• Digital Marketing

• Portal Development

• Search Engine Optimization

• eCommerce Development

Technologies: PHP, HTML, WordPress, WooCommerce, Linux

Industries: Real Estate, Hotel, Restaurant, Corporate, Healthcare

Indus Net Technologies

Indus Net Technologies is one of the leading web development companies in Mumbai that render industry-specific solutions to its clients. It helps businesses succeed in today’s digital space. The company has received many industry accolades for delivering exceptional services to clients with a commitment to providing unparalleled outcomes. It leverages emerging technologies to create cutting-edge solutions that help a business sustain successfully even in today’s highly competitive market.


• Blockchain Development

• Web Development

• Mobile Development

• Digital Marketing

• Dedicated Hiring

• Analytics

• Creative Services

Technologies: Blockchain, Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Django, ML, AI, Power BI, Deep Learning

Industries: Banking, Insurance, Finance, Healthcare, Ed Tech

Zagg Developments

If you are looking for one of the reliable website developers in Mumbai, you should approach none other than Zagg Developments. The company specializes in building a business-oriented website for both agency owners and freelancers. It uses a creative 4-step client closing formula, including attract, interact, captivate, and convert. It endeavors to create the finest digital experience so that people can easily fall in love with you.


• Content Strategy & Architecture

• Web Design & UI/UX

• Web Development

Technologies: WordPress

Industries: N/A


QED42, one of web design companies in Mumbai, creates the finest digital experience with the use of cutting-edge technology and design. Established in 2009, it’s a full-service digital agency located in Pune, Mumbai. It has a team that consists of 73 professionals. The company specializes in delivering a range of world-class solutions such as web design/development, UI/UX Design, etc. for many predominantly mid market clients in different industries such as retail, media, and education.


• Drupal Development

• JavaScript Development

• Mobile App Development

• Web App Development

• API Development

• UI/UX Design

• Mobile App/Web App Testing

• Automation Testing

Technologies: JavaScript, Drupal, AI/ML, iOS, Android

Industries: Retail, Hotel, Tour

Website Development Co.

With an overall 12+ of experience, it’s a professional web development company that offers digital marketing. The company builds fully dynamic, static, and eCommerce websites. Apart from its expertise in web development, it also offers world-class SEO and SMO services. The company houses a team of engineers, designers, and content developers who work together for building websites that look awesome, load quickly on every device, and are designed while keeping users in mind.


• Website Design & Development

eCommerce Website Development

• Mobile App Development

• Software Development

• Social Media Marketing

• Branding

Technologies: Magento, WooCommerce, WordPress, React, Laravel, Angular, .Net,

HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Blockchain

Industries: eCommerce, Retail

Robosoft Technologies

Robsoft Technologies, one of the top web design companies in Mumbai, is another top-rated full-service digital marketing service that offers great digital advisory, UI/UX design, design strategy, app development, and maintenance. It possesses a vast knowledge of various emerging technologies that include Blockchain, Virtual Reality, Chatbots, and more. The company came into existence in 1996 and is located in San Francisco, and also has offices in many other cities, including Udupi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, New York, and Chicago.


• Digital Product Management

• Design Thinking

• Web Development

• UI/UX Design

• Design Strategy

Technologies: AI, ML, Blockchain, ML

Industries: N/A

Rage Communications

As one of the oldest website development companies in Mumbai, Rage Communication was founded in 1956 with only 4 employees. It was established as a small advertising agency with a challenger spirit and grew quickly. It has become a group of various business entities in that every operating company tends to strengthen various professional areas and also increase productivity and optimize the output.


• Strategy Consulting

• Experience & Design

• Creative Marketing Communications

• Digital Production & Support

Technologies: HTML, CSS, React, Vue.js, Angular, Bootstrap, Adobe Marketing Cloud

Industries: eCommerce, IT, Corporate, Retail

Alpha Information Systems

Aalpha Information Systems came into existence in the year 2007. It was launched as a top-rated software outsourcing company. Apart from Mumbai, the company has a presence in various other places across the world including Norway, New Jersey, Bridgewater, and Bangalore. The company specializes in serving customers with a range of services such as eCommerce development, web development, custom software development, and more.


• Mobile App Development

• Web Development

• Software Development

• Offshore Outsourcing

• Laravel Development

Technologies: Blockchain, IoT, iOS, Android

Industries: Agri Tech, Education, Fintech, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Hospitality, Travel, Sports, Retail

Notion Technologies

It’s another one of the web development companies in Mumbai that you can approach to create a website or software for your company. It also specializes in offering a range of design services that help you get the most out of your website. The company also offers search engine optimization, web design, eCommerce services, and others.


• Website Design

• App Development

• eCommerce Website

• SEO Services

Technologies: iOS, Android, WooCommerce,

Industries: N/A

Software Developers INC

Established in 2007, Software Developers INC has earned vast specialization in software development. The company has a presence in California, Saratoga, and Melbourne, apart from Mumbai, India. As one of the well-known web development companies in Mumbai, it provides various services such as custom software development, mobile app development, and UI/UX design. It has a team of 94 professionals.


• Web Design and Development

• App Design and Development

• Social Media Marketing

• Search Engine Optimization

Technologies: iOS, Android, Swift, React Native, Flutter, Kotlin, Moment.js, NativeScript, Vue.js, Angular, HTML, CSS, ASP.NET, MySQL, SQLite, Magento, WooCommerce

Industries: eCommerce and many others.

How to Choose the Best Web Development Company in Mumbai

Are you still confused to find the right options among the above mentioned web development companies? We have mentioned here various tips and tricks that you can implement to find the best company to hire.

Before hiring a web development company, you should first know your needs. You need to be aware of the type of website or software you wish to develop. It makes your task effortless and also less time-consuming.

Know About Team Members

The next thing that you need to know about the company is its team members. You should gather complete details about their in-house team. You should be aware of their team strength and check how many professionals they have. You should also check the experience of professionals.

Check Portfolio

Checking your portfolio is another crucial task that you should do. It gives you complete details about the service provider’s capability of creating the desired solutions. You need to check everything in detail.


No matter what, you need to always hire experienced developers for your web development projects. You should check the experience of your service provider. Make sure your web development company has earned at least 7 to 10 years of experience. Only then will you be able to deliver quality work.


Last but not least, you should gather details about the overall cost your service provider charges. If the cost matches your budget, you can hire them.

Final Words

So, after going through the above list of web development service providers and also various useful tips for their selection, you may have already decided on the company to hire. So, if you hire any company, you can visit their website to gather more details about them and their services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Well, there’s not a single web development company in Mumbai. You will come across various companies to choose from. Some of the prestigious companies are Sunsys Technologies, Indus Net Technologies, Zagg Developments, QED42, Website Development Co., Notion Technologies, and many others. You can choose any other company that you think can match your needs.

The cost of website development is something that depends on the type and nature of a website. No matter what type of website you want to develop, you can simply get in touch with our experts to know about the exact cost of development.