Best WooCommerce Plugins to Website Development

In today’s time, if your eCommerce store fails to deliver a wonderful user experience, it frustrates customers and they ultimately avoid accessing your store. It will not be able to get a higher conversion rate, sales, and ROI.

If you have an online store developed on the WooCommerce platform, you are fortunate to leverage various plugins that will make your online store complete. Integrating the right WooCommerce plugins into your online store not only improves its functionality but also improves its user experience.

Before we let you know some of the top WooCommerce plugins that you can leverage, let’s discuss the basics.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is one of the most powerful plugins for WordPress. It’s developed especially for online merchants to help them operate their business successfully, whether they are small or also large-sized online stores.

Introduced in 2011, WooCommerce is highly popular mainly due to its convenience to install and also to customize and for the market position of the base product as freeware. Several websites leverage this plugin. The reason is that eCommerce is growing at a fast pace and this plugin witnessed its growing demand.

WooCommerce witnessed its higher downloads as a plugin and is also fully active on many websites. This makes it the most popular and also fast-growing eCommerce across the world.

Top 10 WooCommerce Plugins for Improving WooCommerce Site

Now, let’s discuss here some of the top-rated WooCommerce plugins that you can leverage to boost your website. Take a look.

1) WooCommerce Customizer Plugin

As the name suggests, this WooCommerce plugin works effectively when it comes to the expansion of different adjustable settings in this platform. Though these kinds of customization options are available with this platform, you need to use custom code for making them work with perfection. So, this plugin makes this task easy with a complete visual setting.


  • It enables you to change add-to-cart text, sales badges, checkout page coupons, and more.
  • Most extensions and features are free to use
  • Visual editing setting
  • Availability of extensions such as MailChimp, Jilt, and WooCommerce Membership.

Price: Free of cost

2) Booster for WooCommerce

Booster for WooCommerce is another top-notch plugin that you can also leverage to improve your website. It includes a great collection of features that you may have noticed missing, especially during the use of WooCommerce including price conversion, global discount, and Customers can find tools to offer their own cost.


  • Adjust price labels and buttons with the use of free price labels, custom price labels, and button labels.
  • Transform checkout and cart with help of checkout fees, core fields, empty cart buttons, etc.
    Create PDF invoicing and emails
  • Boost the shipping process with features such as shipping calculations, order quantities, and icons.
  • Boost payment gateway through gateways by shipping, min/max amount, and icons.

Price: Basic version is free of cost and the booster version is available at $49.99

3) Checkout Field Editor

This is another crucial WooCommerce plugin that features different tools for editing, adding, and also deleting those custom fields in your checkout area. The plugin tends to be integrated directly with WooCommerce, which turns your checkout module into a fully versatile area.

For instance, you could easily edit current files with this platform. And you also get a wonderful chance to add several new fields such as names, placeholders, and labels. When it comes to custom fields, these are crucial for several types of businesses, especially those based on the B2B model having custom orders daily.


  • Easy to customize checkout module
  • Availability of various new field items that enable you to incorporate different options such as labels, classes, types, etc.
  • Remove any fields easily
  • The Premium version is available at an affordable cost
  • The core version is available for free with text areas, selections, and email

Pricing: N/A

4) PDF and Packing Slips

It’s another crucial WooCommerce plugin that you can’t forget to integrate into your website. You need to keep in mind packing slips and invoices are necessary for different types of businesses, but this kind of smooth functionality is not offered in the WooCommerce platform.

So, the plugin enables you to attach PDF invoices to several emails automatically. More than this, you also get options for creating and also printing packing slips be it individually or in bulk. This plugin is popular among users for its streamlined nature and also simplicity.


  • Get an extra feature for the pro version to send packing slips
  • Generate packing slips and invoices
  • Get multiple languages to use and make it fully convenient for people throughout the world for running plugins.
  • After installation, you can immediately print out packing slips and PDF invoices.
  • Organize invoices sequentially

Pricing: Basic version is free and the Pro version is available at €54.00

5) WooCommerce Multilingual Plugin

With WooCommerce multilingual, you can easily translate all types of components of your eCommerce store and also add various currencies. It enables you to take advantage of this kind of opportunity in a seasonal market and also provides customers with a good shopping experience..


  • Easy to configure and provide multiple currencies
  • Implementation of a multilingual checkout process
  • Translate different parts of your website from shopping pages to products
  • Easy for managing and implementing translations with simple kinds of translation editor interfaces.
  • It enables you to translate texts from those of third-party plugins.

Pricing: Basic version is available free of cost and paid version is available at $99.

6) PickPlugins Product Slider Plugin

The PickPlugins Products slider WooCommerce plugin is capable of resolving problems that a large number of store owners find themselves in when it comes to launching their eCommerce store. If you prefer a product slider on any page of your website, you can leverage this plugin. It’s also a great plugin that works effectively when it comes to recommendations of products inside your posts.


  • Offer support for many products
  • 20 navigational ribbons
  • Upgrade themes
  • Animation and customization
  • It hides those products that are out of stock

Price: Basic version is available free of cost. The Premium version can be downloaded for $29.

7) EU VAT Compliance Assistant

As the name suggests, this WooCommerce plugin is an appropriate option for a business that is operated from the EU. Business owners need to pay Value-Added Tax (VAT) to run their businesses in the EU. So, if you also operate your business from this place, you need to install this plugin for your website. It performs multiple tasks be it finding customer locations applying VAT fees, or converting currencies.


  • It supports both physical and digital goods
  • It calculates VAT rates in different countries
  • It gives you a kind of guarantee that your business abides by the law of the EU.
  • It changes website pricing along with VAT charges based on customers’ location
  • It enables customers to view VAT prices on the product page

Price: Some features are available free of cost. The premium version is available for $50.

8) WooCommerce Menu Cart Plugin

This plugin works effectively with a range of eCommerce plugins like WP-eCommerce, WooCommerce, and many others. It serves its actual purpose is to integrate a shopping cart button into your navigational menu.


  • Installation of this plugin requires less time
  • Premium versions include automated updates, flouts, cart icons, etc.
  • Advanced editing allows custom CSS
  • Option to choose either items and prices or a shopping cart icon
  • It includes non-WooCommerce themes in a fully functional store

Price: Basic version is available free of cost. The Premium version starts at €27.00

9) YITH WooCommerce Compare

It’s one of the crucial plugins that can be the most appropriate for those who sell products where features can be compared side-by-side. Once you install the plugin, you can set different types of attributes that you wish to compare for every item. You can also add a ‘compare button’ when your customers click on it.


  • Integrate quick features that make the user experience amazing
  • Availability of translation feature
  • You can easily choose features that can be compared easily
  • From the comparison page, customers can add products directly to their cart.
  • For adjusting items, you need some simple settings including table title, button text, product image size, etc.

Price: It’s available and free to use. A Premium subscription is available starting at $63.99.

Benefits of WooCommerce Plugins for your Website

We will discuss here some of the features of using WooCommerce plugins for your website. Take a look.

1) Get Complete Control of your Data

The first and foremost advantage of leveraging WooCommerce plugins for your online store is it helps you get full control over your data. You should always keep in mind that using 3rd party platforms may put you at risk of data loss.

When it comes to WooCommerce, these plugins have a better understanding of data related to order history, which is crucial for both you and your customers. So, with this type of platform, you also get the benefits of the backup platform of another kind of 3rd party eCommerce vendor/platform.

2) Get Any Custom Functionality

WooCommerce enjoys having the largest community of Website developers. It also includes a range of plugins to offer complete support to your unique business requirements. You will find a fully ready-made plugin for anything that you require.

3) Free of Cost

Another advantage of leveraging this plugin for your website is it’s free. So, even if you have a low budget for eCommerce store development, still you can manage it as you don’t need to pay anything for using this plugin. You don’t need to spend money even on purchasing any kind of license.

4) Integrate any Kind of Functionality

As mentioned above, WooCommerce has a range of plugins that match your business needs. With these platforms, you can also find numerous plugins that are ready-made and help you achieve the desired functionality.

5) Sell any Products

The next advantage of this plugin is it helps you sell different types of products be they digital or physical. You can create a full membership site, book online, make appointments, and also sell subscription-based products.

6) Easy and Effective Design

The most interesting thing about this plugin is it can work with any theme of WordPress. So, you need to choose a theme based on your design choice. If you already have a WordPress website and you seek to sell anything, you need to just install the WooCommerce plugin and set up it.

7) Vast Integration Capabilities

WooCommerce is also popular for its super flexibility for integrating any kind of 3rd party software system with your webshop. Be it order management tools, CRM systems, 3rd party shipping services, or other tools, you can integrate everything with this platform.

8) High-Grade Security

This WordPress plugin is highly secure. The credit goes to its regular updates. So, it helps you provide a better and a fully secure shopping experience to your customers.

9) SEO-Friendly

We all are aware of the fact that WordPress is an SEO-friendly platform. Since WooCommerce is powered by WordPress, it also helps you get the advantages of search engine optimization as well.

10) Analytics

This platform has in-built analytics that helps you in getting crucial and useful data about your online store even without putting extra effort into this. It helps you get many crucial details such as individual customer shopping, average order value, sales, etc.

Final Word

If you have decided to leverage WooCommerce for creating your online store, you need to be aware of several useful plugins that make it popular. Above is a complete list of Best WooCommerce plugins, you can choose to install the right one based on your needs. If you need any help with WooCommerce website Development then Connect With us!

FAQs On WordPress Plugins

WooCommerce includes numerous plugins that you can install on your website to improve its functionality and its overall performance. It also helps you improve the shopping experience of users. It ultimately makes a good impact on the sales, conversion rate, and ROI of your website.

Installation of plugins is necessary to improve the functionality of your online store. So, first, you need to decide the type of functionality you need for your website and then install the right plugins accordingly.

You can consider installing the WooCommerce plugin only if your online store is developed on this platform. You can get plenty of plugins to choose from and set up proficiently to leverage its great advantages.