Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)from people around the globe before starting there online business. Here we go!!!

  • Control Panel Benefits

    www.sunsys.co.in provides you with a control panel using which you can manage all the services you have purchased from one common page. Some of the benefits offered by the control panel include:

    • Manage all services from a common control panel
    • Upgrade to higher levels of services as and when you need them from your control panel.
    • Customized panel to monitor and keep track of your orders.
    • Easy interface to manage your Emails.
    • Update your profile information as and when it changes.
  • Who should choose personalized email and why?

    A personalized email is the right email solution for you if you are looking for an emailing solution to support your organization’s email requirements. With personalized email, you get the flexibility of creating unlimited Email ID’s for your employees along with the ease of use of any standard webmail like yahoo or Hotmail.

  • Do I own the domain name?

    Yes, the Domain name that will be used to access your personalized email will be owned by you.

  • Can I receive my Hotmail Account emails on personalized email?

    You may choose to forward your yahoo/ Hotmail email ID’s to a personalized email account. This setting has to be done while you are logged in to your yahoo or Hotmail accounts and cannot be controlled through personalized email. Welcome to Sunsys Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd.